Thursday, December 20, 2018

Like #HoneyWheat Sandwich Bread? The Best Is @Walmart!

I love bread. Allow me to repeat this. I LOVE bread. Short of baking my own (I had a bread machine as an 18 year old gadget geek), I try to select healthier bread/s when I purchase store bought varieties. However, I don't enjoy most Whole Wheat bread. As a sort of personal compromise, I decided my store bought bread of choice is Honey Wheat. It's more palatable than Whole Wheat to me, but still has more nutrients than plain White.

As a result, I've tried a LOT of different brands' version of Honey Wheat bread and I will say that the idea of what constitutes "Honey Wheat" bread varies greatly. Some taste indistinguishable from Whole Wheat (what honey?), others have the consistency of tarp (not that I've eaten tarp). The variations run the gamut. And while a few brands are decent, none were outstanding. Until now.
Great Value Honey Wheat Bread
I found the BEST Honey Wheat bread (sliced, split-top sandwich loaf) at Walmart. You heard me, Walmart. I am not generally a Walmart shopper. I may go there once every other month or something similar. As it happens, I didn't go there for the bread, a neighbor did. One day my neighbor asked if there was anything I needed from the grocery and I mentioned a loaf of honey wheat bread. So when my neighbor stopped at the store, which happened to be a Walmart, she grabbed me a loaf of Great Value (Walmart's Store Brand) Honey Wheat Bread. So I tried it and was instantly won over.

This is the best Honey Wheat bread I've tried. I can actually taste the slight sweetness of the honey baked in. The bread is dense enough to make a good sandwich, but also light and airy as if freshly baked. It tastes good. And unbelievably, it's only 98-cents a loaf (at my local Walmart). Tastes better AND costs less than competing brands? Yep. We have a winner!

Great Value Honey Wheat Bread is now my preferred sandwich bread. I make trips to Walmart merely to buy this bread. Like Honey Wheat bread? Buy it. Try it.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

New A2 Milk Brand Vitamin D Ultra-Pasteurized 100% Real Milk Product Review

A2 Milk Brand Milk
A Moo For You

The Product: A2 Milk Brand Vitamin D Ultra-Pasteurized Whole Milk, Half Gallon Carton, by the A2 Milk Company

The Details: There have been a spate of new dairy products (and dairy substitutes) hitting the market. Re-imagined yogurts and cottage cheeses, milk variations and alternatives. Recently, I had the chance to try an "A2 Milk." There are several versions being put out by different companies. In this case, A2 Milk Brand milk is real dairy milk that comes from cows (mainly Guernseys) which naturally produce an A2 protein, instead of the more prevalent A1 protein found in regular dairy milk.

Many people have digestive issues concerning dairy and often assume (incorrectly) that they are lactose intolerant. It turns out that the A1 protein may be more difficult to digest than the A2 protein. So what is assumed to be lactose intolerance (which is actually apparently somewhat rare) may only be an adverse reaction to the A1 protein. Switching to an A2 protein milk might allow such people to "enjoy real milk again" without worrying about digestive discomfort. Obviously, individual results may vary, but people have been reporting some success with such a switch.

Personally, I don't have issues with dairy. Thank goodness! Because I love me some DAIRY, but I do have some family members who have issues. So while I can drink regular dairy milk (and do) these new "specialty" milks were on my radar and I'd become curious about them. I had heard that even for people who don't seem to have problems with dairy such milk might be better. So in the interest of science and due to my innate curiosity, I resolved to give A2 milk a try, if a good opportunity presented itself.

Some weeks ago, I noticed that my local Publix had the half gallon cartons on sale 2/$6.00. Plus it so happened that I had two manufacturer's print coupons to save $1.00 Off Any A2 Milk Brand Product which (along with a squishy cow stress toy) I had won via a Facebook promotion. I combined the sale with the coupons and paid 2/$4.00 plus tax (or $4.29) out the door. Additionally, the Ibotta app had a coinciding rebate to "Save $1.00 Off A2 Milk Brand Half Gallon Carton" which could be redeemed up to two times per receipt (plus there was another generic rebate for $0.25 on Any Item). I submitted my receipt and got $2.25 back, making it only $2.04 for both. I don't know about you, but I think $1.02 for a half gallon of milk is a great price!

Considering this particular milk has a $4.29 MSRP per half gallon carton (normally at my local Publix), this was a "Try Me with No Regrets" price.

The Verdict: This is great milk for drinking. It was dense, rich and creamy. It satisfied my palette. Given the opportunity, I would actually drink it in lieu of regular milk. (I didn't try cooking with it but assume it would do well.) Regardless of whether science eventually bears out that the A2 protein is truly easier for most humans to digest than the A1 protein, this was great tasting milk. Since I'm not lactose intolerant and don't suffer from dairy discomfort, I didn't need the scientific research as an impetus to drink this milk. It was strictly a taste test. For those who do have dairy issues, if you miss drinking milk this product may be worth trying, because some people have reported that it does not cause them discomfort. (You will have to decide if it's worth the risk. How much do you miss being able to drink milk?) 

Rated: Put it on your shelf! A definite BUY for anyone who likes dairy/doesn't have dairy issues.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

The BEST Lo-Cal Hi-Protein Ice Cream? It's Chilly Cow: Product Review Testimonial Rated

Do Cold Cows Make For Better Low-Cal Ice Cream?

I'm not certain what makes Chilly Cow hands down the best-tasting lower-calorie ice cream. Perhaps, it's the ultra-filtered milk which tends to taste creamier upon the palette than "regular" milk, or maybe, it's because they keep their cows cold (chilly) --- just joking --- but whatever it is, they've figured it out. They've won the low-cal hi-protein ice cream race. Trust me, I've tried practically all the new brands hitting the market in this category. I happen to LOVE ICE CREAM!

Every other brand I've tried, the product tastes like cardboard. I would never go buy the stuff willing. I've turned down post initial trial freebies. But Chilly Cow gets it right. Chilly Cow is rich and creamy and darn tasty. If you didn't know ahead of time, that the stuff was supposedly low-cal, you wouldn't guess from eating it.

To test this theory, I gave my always "dieting" sister a Chilly Cow ice cream bar and didn't tell her until AFTER she'd eaten it that it was a low-cal ice cream. She couldn't believe it! I had to go get the box to show her. Needless to say, Chilly Cow is now on regular rotation in both our households. (In a win for me, my first purchase of the product was a net freebie making use of a coupon and a rebate.) My sister and I joke that this product is apparently mislabeled and it's not actually lower calorie --- this is why it tastes like real ice cream.

I don't buy Chilly Cow for the lower calorie count or the higher protein amount, I don't "diet." As with most new products, I tried it out of curiosity, but I continue to buy it because it tastes so good. I love the flavors and the chunky ice cream bars! Chilly Cow ice cream is a product that lives up to the billing. I rate it a "definite repeat purchase."

Have you tried Chilly Cow yet? Go get you some! You will buy more.

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