Sunday, July 29, 2018

The BEST Lo-Cal Hi-Protein Ice Cream? It's Chilly Cow: Product Review Testimonial Rated

Do Cold Cows Make For Better Low-Cal Ice Cream?

I'm not certain what makes Chilly Cow hands down the best-tasting lower-calorie ice cream. Perhaps, it's the ultra-filtered milk which tends to taste creamier upon the palette than "regular" milk, or maybe, it's because they keep their cows cold (chilly) --- just joking --- but whatever it is, they've figured it out. They've won the low-cal hi-protein ice cream race. Trust me, I've tried practically all the new brands hitting the market in this category. I happen to LOVE ICE CREAM!

Every other brand I've tried, the product tastes like cardboard. I would never go buy the stuff willing. I've turned down post initial trial freebies. But Chilly Cow gets it right. Chilly Cow is rich and creamy and darn tasty. If you didn't know ahead of time, that the stuff was supposedly low-cal, you wouldn't guess from eating it.

To test this theory, I gave my always "dieting" sister a Chilly Cow ice cream bar and didn't tell her until AFTER she'd eaten it that it was a low-cal ice cream. She couldn't believe it! I had to go get the box to show her. Needless to say, Chilly Cow is now on regular rotation in both our households. (In a win for me, my first purchase of the product was a net freebie making use of a coupon and a rebate.) My sister and I joke that this product is apparently mislabeled and it's not actually lower calorie --- this is why it tastes like real ice cream.

I don't buy Chilly Cow for the lower calorie count or the higher protein amount, I don't "diet." As with most new products, I tried it out of curiosity, but I continue to buy it because it tastes so good. I love the flavors and the chunky ice cream bars! Chilly Cow ice cream is a product that lives up to the billing. I rate it a "definite repeat purchase."

Have you tried Chilly Cow yet? Go get you some! You will buy more.

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