Thursday, December 20, 2018

Like #HoneyWheat Sandwich Bread? The Best Is @Walmart!

I love bread. Allow me to repeat this. I LOVE bread. Short of baking my own (I had a bread machine as an 18 year old gadget geek), I try to select healthier bread/s when I purchase store bought varieties. However, I don't enjoy most Whole Wheat bread. As a sort of personal compromise, I decided my store bought bread of choice is Honey Wheat. It's more palatable than Whole Wheat to me, but still has more nutrients than plain White.

As a result, I've tried a LOT of different brands' version of Honey Wheat bread and I will say that the idea of what constitutes "Honey Wheat" bread varies greatly. Some taste indistinguishable from Whole Wheat (what honey?), others have the consistency of tarp (not that I've eaten tarp). The variations run the gamut. And while a few brands are decent, none were outstanding. Until now.
Great Value Honey Wheat Bread
I found the BEST Honey Wheat bread (sliced, split-top sandwich loaf) at Walmart. You heard me, Walmart. I am not generally a Walmart shopper. I may go there once every other month or something similar. As it happens, I didn't go there for the bread, a neighbor did. One day my neighbor asked if there was anything I needed from the grocery and I mentioned a loaf of honey wheat bread. So when my neighbor stopped at the store, which happened to be a Walmart, she grabbed me a loaf of Great Value (Walmart's Store Brand) Honey Wheat Bread. So I tried it and was instantly won over.

This is the best Honey Wheat bread I've tried. I can actually taste the slight sweetness of the honey baked in. The bread is dense enough to make a good sandwich, but also light and airy as if freshly baked. It tastes good. And unbelievably, it's only 98-cents a loaf (at my local Walmart). Tastes better AND costs less than competing brands? Yep. We have a winner!

Great Value Honey Wheat Bread is now my preferred sandwich bread. I make trips to Walmart merely to buy this bread. Like Honey Wheat bread? Buy it. Try it.

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